Saturday, 16 January 2016

We know it is Summertime!!

How do we know it is summertime? This is how.....

My visitor for 3 days in my back room who interrupted my sewing and crafting because I was not able to get to my cupboards which 'snake' was guarding!! How long was it there before my cat found it - who knows!! I put the bird netting down and eventually he got tangled in it. 'Farmer Alan' came along and helped to get it outside then we had to get it out of the bird netting. Once that was achieved he went straight up into the olive tree!! He seems to have moved along but always very wary when outside now - and very thankful to 'Cat'!!

And this says it is summer also - a finished quilt top in Dr Seuss fabrics - very fresh and summery!!

Monday, 11 January 2016


Christmas has come and gone and 2016 is well on it's way. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas shared with loved ones. And I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for all.
I participated in my first ever swap at the end of 2015 - the SANTA SACK SWAP - organised by Cheryl from over at this lovely blog:

My first ever swap partner was Illene - and what a lovely time I had opening all of my gifts! Illene thoroughly spoilt me.......
First up is this beautiful table runner

a felt/wool pattern and sweet Christmas tree hanger

My very own Christmas stocking with a name tag on  it

love this project folder with a bonus couple of patterns
3 hand embroidered patches, some xmas scrap panels, little needle book, crochet tree decoration, chocolates (I had eaten the other choccies!!), cookie and a sweat little book - an interesting read. And of course an emery board!!
Thank you so much Illene for spoiling me with all of these beautiful gifts.
To see what I made for Illene pop over to her blog - I forgot to take photos!!!
Today we are heading towards the predicted 41 degs very quickly (yesterday it officially topped at 42 deg), and tomorrow is predicted to be 44 degrees. So it maybe a good time to stay inside under the aircon and sew!!