Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Little Catch Up

So long since my last post - we have been on a 2 week trip to China during that time. been home for a while now but time just seems to race away for me.
This my Lucy Boston Quilt that I started in 2012.
I have just been doing a bit every now and then, have also just been using scraps including some from friends. I have completed 35 blocks (7rows by 5 rows. I have 2 more rows to piece. I have also been doing the border as I go along. Will probably be 2017 by the time I finish it!!!!! It will be a BIG quilt by the time I finish - floor to floor queen (maybe King) size - I decided I was going to make a large quilt if I was going to make a Lucy Boston at all.

Meet the TWINNIES!!! - two of our grandchildren that live nearby and who take up a lot of my time (mum and dad work fulltime so I look after them a couple of days a week!!) Max and Jazzie who turn 3 in a few weeks time. In this photo they are trying out their Biz Nonna's bed while visiting her in the nursing home.
That's all for me today - coming up to tea time and bath time for 2 little rascals (mum is down and out with a bad chest infection so they are staying with us for a few days!)


  1. If and when I make a Lucy Boston quilt it will be KNEE size - that will be enough for me!!! lol!!!

  2. Hi Rhonda,i love your quilt,well done and i love watching our grandies,have fun with your two xx

  3. The quilt is looking good So much patience
    Don't you just love the grandchildren
    I miss the little ones Mine are all grown up now


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