Saturday, 12 December 2015

I'm Back....

Wow so long since my last post. Life just took over as it does. A lot of my time was taken up with my mother who went into hospital then into a nursing home - she passed away recently which was a blessing for her. So much time involved in sorting and cleaning her house (it was sold quickly which meant we had to get into gear quickly). Everything is done now and mum is at rest; and my brothers and sisters and I are getting back into our old routines.
I did manage to do a little sewing through this time - all secret sewing for Cheryll's Secret Santa Swap. I know my partner Illene has received the parcel and I have received hers!! Now to wait until Christmas day to open them - all very exciting!!!
I thought I would show you some of my garden, although the spring flush has gone it has been nice to be able to spend some time in it recently. My chooks live at the end of one of the pathways in the above picture!
Hardy but set a nice scene.

hmm.... my 'nice' friend Kerrie said she didn't take any photos of me!! Now you know who it is behind the Crafty Diva name!!

Lots of green - it is a picture during the spring when everything is in flower.

My rose garden - a blaze of beautiful colour a month ago. The hot weather has come and gone and come and gone - having it's effect on everyone's gardens here.

Thank goodness I have a ride on!!

That is all for a peek at my garden. Hopefully next post I will have some crafting photos!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A BOm And Some Secret Sewing!

One of my projects this year has been A BOM.
Another quilt for the 'special people in my life' present box.

And some secret sewing!
Have a great weekend!!!

A Little Catch Up

So long since my last post - we have been on a 2 week trip to China during that time. been home for a while now but time just seems to race away for me.
This my Lucy Boston Quilt that I started in 2012.
I have just been doing a bit every now and then, have also just been using scraps including some from friends. I have completed 35 blocks (7rows by 5 rows. I have 2 more rows to piece. I have also been doing the border as I go along. Will probably be 2017 by the time I finish it!!!!! It will be a BIG quilt by the time I finish - floor to floor queen (maybe King) size - I decided I was going to make a large quilt if I was going to make a Lucy Boston at all.

Meet the TWINNIES!!! - two of our grandchildren that live nearby and who take up a lot of my time (mum and dad work fulltime so I look after them a couple of days a week!!) Max and Jazzie who turn 3 in a few weeks time. In this photo they are trying out their Biz Nonna's bed while visiting her in the nursing home.
That's all for me today - coming up to tea time and bath time for 2 little rascals (mum is down and out with a bad chest infection so they are staying with us for a few days!)

Monday, 8 June 2015

2014 BOM

One of my finishes for 2014 was the Homespun BOM.
Really happy with how this turned out.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Memory Quilt

I thought I would share with you my version of a 'Wagga' which has become a memory Quilt along the way.
I am making this for my youngest brother Mark. It is made from a wool blanket as the 'filling'- this belonged to a family friend that passed away years ago. I have also used denim from jeans that were worn by Mark and other family members, pieces from a bedspread that was used by us on our family farm; American fabrics because he loves America; pieces from a shirt that his son Matt wore and shorts that his youngest son Daniel wore; and pieces from a skirt that his mother used to wear!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Welcome to my blog and very first post. I have been sewing and crafting for many years - my loves are patchwork, quilting and embroidery. A lot of what I make are gifted to family and friends - I just love creating and giving finished items as gifts.
One of my latest quilts is Nature's Journey by Annie Downs - I made a few small changes. After umming and ahhing about what colour themes to make it from I eventually settled on one (after seeking a second opinion from my friend Kerrie at Channelbank Creations).
Thank's for stopping by and visiting my corner of the crafting world. I have ventured into the blog world via Kerrie and Dorothy - and I am looking forward to 'meeting' like minded creative people and participating in some swaps etc - that is when I learn my way around this blogging and posting business!!!lol
Have a lovely week everyone!!