Saturday, 16 January 2016

We know it is Summertime!!

How do we know it is summertime? This is how.....

My visitor for 3 days in my back room who interrupted my sewing and crafting because I was not able to get to my cupboards which 'snake' was guarding!! How long was it there before my cat found it - who knows!! I put the bird netting down and eventually he got tangled in it. 'Farmer Alan' came along and helped to get it outside then we had to get it out of the bird netting. Once that was achieved he went straight up into the olive tree!! He seems to have moved along but always very wary when outside now - and very thankful to 'Cat'!!

And this says it is summer also - a finished quilt top in Dr Seuss fabrics - very fresh and summery!!


  1. hi Rhonda omg that wouldve frightened the living heck out of me,love your quilt xx


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